Going to college or starting a training course ?

  • Are you going to college, or starting a training course, this autumn?
  • Do you need financial help towards your course costs?
  • Do you live in Whitchurch?

The Whitchurch Welfare Trust may be able to help towards the cost of your course. The trustees can give grants to help with the purchase of books, tools, software or other course costs.

Please apply via the Trust website:
(note: this is the Welfare Trust’s official website address, hosted on this site)

Or, in writing to:
The Whitchurch Welfare Trust,
c/o The Town Hall, Newbury St., Whitchurch. RG28 7DW

Or, via the Citizens Advice Bureau
which meets in the Town Hall on Tuesday mornings.

The Trust also works with the CAB to try to help Whitchurch residents who may be experiencing temporary financial difficulties.


Note that any enquiries relating to the Trust’s works can also be emailed.
The email goes DIRECT to the WHITCHURCH WELFARE TRUST not to this website.

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