Residents and road users are advised of a total of eleven oversize loads which will pass through Whitchurch on their journey from Reading to Southampton Docks.

The eleven loads will be spread over six separate journeys due to start in the second week of January.
Due to the size of the loads, the convoys are unable to travel along the motorway and a majority of the A34.

The cylinders are from the Courage/Heineken brewery in Reading which was closed last year. The state-of-the-art brewery was built in 1979 and was capable of producing 13% of the UK’s beer, but only lager and keg beer, and no real ale which is the present growth market.
From Southampton the silos will be shipped to Poland.

Avoid On-Street Parking!
Buses may be delayed too!

Residents living along the route are asked politely to avoid on-street parking during January on the days of transport.
There may also be disruption and delay to bus services.
The convoy which will have stopped overnight at Tot Hill will travel from the northern A34 junction past Larksbarrow, down Newbury Road to the Square, along Winchester Street and back to the A34.

The loads are expected to set off from Tot Hill towards Whitchurch at 9.30am.

The planned dates are:

  • Friday 14th
  • Tuesday 18th
  • Friday 21st
  • Tuesday 25th
  • Friday 28th
  • Tuesday 1st February

The loads are enormous!
Each oversize load is 28m long, 5.70m wide, 6m high & 55 tonnes. Every convoy will be fully accompanied by marked escort vehicles and local traffic police.
Please be aware of other vehicles which may be accompanying the convoy such as local telephone & electricity contractors which may be needed to lift overhead wires.