It looks as if we are in for a very pleasant and sunny weekend and with numerous events and activities taking place, Whitchurch will again be a lively place.

But in hot weather sensible precautions may need to be taken, so don’t forget that sun hat and protection if visiting to the Parish Fete or going out into the countryside for a walk or cycle ride. Ensure you also have plenty to drink.

With this in mind the following message has been received from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, and we have been asked by our Borough Councillor Keith Watts to reproduce it here.


You may have heard on the news that a level 2 heat health warning has been issued. We received this yesterday afternoon. This means that there is a 60% chance that temperatures will reach in excess of 30 degrees during the day and not reach lower than 16 degrees at night.
The warning is relevant from noon today (Friday) until noon on Sunday.

As you know we have a Heatwave Plan and, in accordance with this, the Heatwave Management Team met late yesterday afternoon.

As a result we have –

  • Put additional information on our website, including a quote provided by the NHS. The NHS takes the lead on issuing press releases and makes information available to the public. We have offered any assistance they want in getting messages or information out locally.
  • Contacted residential care homes, housing associations and owners of other premises used by vulnerable people to advise them of the need to implement their heatwave plans.
  • Reviewed the arrangements for staff, in particular staff working over the weekend, to ensure that they have all necessary advice , access to shade, water etc
  • Reviewed the arrangements for Basingstoke Live to make sure that staff, performers and visitors can enjoy the event safely. Regular safety announcements will be made and a press release is being issued today.
  • Car park attendants are being asked to report any children or pets left in cars straight to the police
  • Parish councils and community organisations are being informed of the risks as many of them may have events over the weekend and may want to ensure that they have adequate shade, water etc.
  • We are using neighbourhood watch for the first time to encourage people to look out for vulnerable neighbours and to pass out community safety messages about leaving doors and windows open.

Should anyone contact you for advice over the weekend our website will have useful information on it regarding how to stay cool in a heatwave (we are currently loading information onto it).
If they are concerned about their health they should contact a doctor, a pharmacist or NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

I do hope this is useful and that you enjoy a lovely sunny weekend.

Best Wishes


Karen Brimacombe
Corporate Director
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Tel:01256 845789
Fax:01256 845200