Rec Alley puddle2 smRainwater has again been causing problems along Rec Alley, the pathway that leads from Winchester Road to the Recreation Ground and Alliston Way.

Path is well-used
The path suffers in two places where water congregates, making it difficult to pass without getting wet feet or having a risk of slipping on the mud. The Alley is used by many hundreds of people a day and is also well-used by children reaching the Primary School and Testbourne, as well as for access to the SkatePark and QEII Field.

Confusion over ownership
Local Town Councillor John Buckley is concerned for local users who have spoken to him about the problems and believes some action is required to improve the surface and the drainage. “However there seems to be some confusion as to who owns the path” he says, even though it is a Public Right of Way which come under HCC. “If we are paying for its upkeep, it needs to be actioned”.

“Perhaps the local Councils need to get together and sort out this ownership” he added. “It is difficult, especially for the elderly and infirm to cross the muddy puddles, and small children can end with splattered clothes. Not least there have been cases of dog mess being left in the alley which then gets into the standing water causing a non-too-pleasant health hazard. In the winter the puddles can freeze and the path has at times become unusable due to solid ice.”

Town Council cleans path
The Town Council regularly has it cleared of leaves and rubbish, but is not responsible for the paved surface.

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  • bluefox

    As a frequent user of this footpath, I would challenge the notion that the Town Council sweep this path on a “regular” basis; my experience suggests that any work done, although efficient when it happens, only tends to occur after a Whitchurch resident registers a complaint.
    Until the uneven surface and only one drainage point (a round hole at the base of the Redleaf House boundary wall, 10 yards short of Winchester Street) issues are resolved, our Town Council should be encouraged to be proactive and commit to have the path thoroughly swept every 4 weeks to minimise the dirt and leaf mulch problems.

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