The following has been received from local candidate Andrew Smith, standing for the Green Party in the Hampshire County Council Elections to be held on May 4th 2017.

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Andrew Smith vsmAndrew Smith has lived in Whitchurch for 10 years. After a career in IT support he is now semi-retired and works as a church organist, assistant choirmaster at All Hallows Parish Church, and as a volunteer. He enjoys walking and backpacking, and campaigning on a range of social justice issues, in particular climate change and a just peace in Israel/Palestine. He is married to Elizabeth, who is an author of books of Christian prayer and poetry.

He joined the Green Party in 2010, when, following the decision of the Liberal Democrats to enter a coalition with the Conservatives, and with the Labour Party now sharing the centre ground of British politics with these parties, he now felt without a home in the main political parties.

He has decided to stand for Whitchurch and the Cleres in the local elections because he feels that Hampshire County Council would benefit from a Green perspective, particularly in relation to the local environment. He would seek to improve public transport and cycling facilities in the Whitchurch area and to invest in safe, healthy and non-motorised routes to school. He would resist plans for new oil and gas extraction, including fracking applications, and support funding for renewable energy. And as well as improving recycling across the county he would promote the reduction and re-use of materials. Finally he would campaign for a change to the voting system to a proportional one, in order to improve the representation of the Green Party at all levels of government.

Andrew asks you to vote Green both in the Council and General elections.

See also the Green Party’s Hampshire Manifesto.