Have you seen this man?

Readers may remember help was requested in seeking out a person who has been causing concern in the Longparish area.

It is possible the person may also be seen in the Whitchurch area so if all local residents can keep their eyes open it could help.

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There has already been a shooting of a family dog and prowling in the garden but it seems the problems have taken a turn much for the worse.

Unfortunately the issue looks to have escalated into personal violence against the householder in Longparish.
Thankfully he is recovering well from a nasty head injury. It appears he was set upon by a male wearing a balaclava carrying some kind of weapon.

The whole situation is now being assessed at a higher level within the Police and there is presently increased activity in the area. At this stage the police are still looking for suspect/s and are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything.

If there are any sightings they should be reported immediately on 999 and the person not approached.
Reports can also be sent through Crimestoppers or 101 / 0845 045 45 45.

The crime is under the name Operation Jefferson and the crime number to use is:

The officer dealing with the crime is:

DC 24155 Phil Jackson
Andover District Investigation Team
Andover Police Station
South Street
SP10 2ED
0845 045 45 45 Ext. 761-157

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