Following such a wonderful event last year plans for the second GTSkateFest are progressing, with the creation of a small dedicated team led by local student Emma Elise Sherman.

The event, held at the skatepark in the Queen Elizabeth II Park in Daniel Road is run mainly by the young people of Whitchurch with support from a number of other groups.

A relaxing, chilled out event.

Last year’s SkateFest was a success beyond expectations, with young people – and some not so young – all joining together to enjoy a wonderful day of fun, music, competitions, art and community spirit.
A report of of the 2012 day is here: GTSKATEFEST 2012

Emma and her friends are now looking for wider support from the Whitchurch community to enable the event to be held this summer. This is a great opportunity for anyone to help the young people of the town in a worthwhile and tangible way.

With true professionalism a detailed package (below) has been created for any individual or business which might like to help out.

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The letter to businesses is available for reading below together with the Sponsorship Package.


GTSkateFest 2013

Supporting Youth and Community events

Calling all local businesses!

2012 saw the emergence of one of the most contemporary and exclusive events ever to occur in a small Hampshire town.
GTSkateFest came into being when a housing development threatened Whitchurch’s skate park. The result of months of campaigning to keep it intact, was a preservation competition win and a celebratory event which first appeared alongside various Jubilee events.

The majority of the organisation and planning is composed by the youth of Whitchurch, just an opportunity to give young people a taste of responsibility, but also a chance to enjoy their hard earned and well deserved rewards in the end. The event’s aim is to promote participation and get young people involved in making a positive difference in the community.

The operation of the festival is dependent on the participation of local people. The response last year was overwhelming and this year we would like to encourage the involvement of local Whitchurch businesses in events for and arranged by the community. In a thriving local community, there are a number of incentives to get involved, as well as the economic advantages associated with large numbers of spectators.

What would your business get out of sponsorship?

Local businesses have a number of incentives to get involved. Jubilee celebrations in 2012 emphasised the value of community and participation and government policy is putting an ever increasing emphasis on principles such as the ‘Big Society’ and ‘Local Plans’.
Funding or at least supporting local projects raises a business profile and demonstrates a desirable ability to invest some belief in future generations and provide them with the networks they need to improve quality of life for everyone living in the community. Being involved in GTSkateFest invites businesses to share website links, banner, poster and flyer space, recognition in articles and maybe even the potential of citation on merchandise.

What can your sponsorship can provide?

Sponsorship could provide the essential formalities which continuously put restrictions on community events, including site licences, insurance and various other costs. Funding is also required for advertising, marketing and publicity, spreading the word about the festival and opportunities to be involved!

Finally entertainment is dependent on a power source to the location, PA equipment and additional costs such as staging and marquees and catering, all small features which enhance the experience of a festival, but are overlooked as a cost. Alternatively, the sustainability of such a festival depends on breaking even financially, so donation of goods, services and perhaps even raffle prizes could be another promising direction.

We would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this package and appreciate your interest in the project. Any support, advice or donations would be very welcome.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!
07411 115 3333


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