Many valuable racing pigeons were killed, or left with severe injuries after the 'mindless cruelty'.

Buildings that housed valuable racing pigeons on the Bloswood Drive Allotments site were broken into sometime between 10pm on Boxing Day and 9am on December 27. Many of the pigeons inside were taken out and beaten to death.

The devastation didn’t end there: a henhouse was forced open and one of the chickens inside was beaten so badly that it had to be put down by its owner after the carnage was discovered – its head having swollen to twice its normal size.

Several sheds throughout the site were toppled over and one was pushed down the slope; others were broken into and another was so badly damaged that it could not be salvaged.


PC Sarah Stokes said: “Someone has forced entry to a coup full of racing pigeons and killed a number of birds before throwing the dead birds around the allotment.”

Piles of feathers were strewn about the allotments where the killings took place.

She continued, “This is a truly despicable act and an act of mindless cruelty. It is possible that whoever is responsible is bragging about this and we urge anyone with information to come forward to help us find the culprits.”


Whitchurch resident John Wallace of Oakland Road owned the coup that was broken into. He told this website that there were 31 pigeons in the shed on the night of the rampage, and that 8 were found killed, with several still missing or severely injured.

Mr Wallace said, “Somebody phoned me up and told me that all my pigeons were out. I just see a few pigeons on the top of the shed, that’s all I saw to start with. As I walked around, there were a few birds on the next allotment down from where my allotment is – on the ground dead, there was one over there by the fence dead; I noticed another one on the drive when I drove up here. During the course of the few days that have gone past, we found a few more lying around on the different parts of the allotments.”

Several cans and bottles were found in the vicinity of the devastation.

He continued, “They just grabbed the pigeons, took them out there, and I reckon they held them by their feet and as they let them go they clouted them with a piece of wood. Many had holes in their backs and had their chests crushed in.”


John Wallace competes in several pigeon races and had been looking forward to one coming up soon. He said, “The real thing that’s got me is that I was trying to get a team together. Well, out of that 8 (dead birds) that I found, there’s about 5 of them that are older birds and the older ones got the bit more experience to do the distance (racing). I was trying to sort out about 15 birds to do Bergerac – about 450 miles – I thought I’d get that many to go. But I won’t have them now.”

John Wallace of Oakland Road has been raising and racing pigeons since he was 15 and has lived in Whitchurch for the past 11 years.

Remains from one shed's forcibly broken door are still on the ground.

He said, “Before all this happened, I could come in here and they’d be all sitting on their perches. Now, I can’t get near them. They are so frightened – that’s why I’m not letting them out. They’re all sort of mopy in the shed, they used to be bright as a button they were.”

John concluded, “I feel like jacking it in now. This is how it’s got me. It’s really got up me.”


The culprits also tried to steal two bins that were being used to store feed but they were left abandoned near Ardglen Road. There were 4 sheds tipped over, and another had the door ripped apart to gain entry.

The privately run allotment site is located north of Bloswood Lane, between Caesar’s Way and the Ardglen Industrial estate. Nearer to town, Bloswood Lane turns into Bell Street. Bloswood Drive is a private road formerly known as Cinder Lane and heads north from of Bloswood Lane.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC Sarah Stokes at Basingstoke Police Station on 101 or via the police website HERE. Minicom users should call 01962 875000. You can also call the charity Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously.

Extra security has been installed on the coups.

Pigeons now just mope around their coup.

Bloswood Drive Allotments are between Caesar's Way and Ardglen Road.

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  • sylvia lewis

    i just dont understand why people do this sort of thing its pure evil my dad had his allotment there for as long as i can remember and i have never heard anything like this it just makes me feel sick if i live to be 100 i will never understand why mindless people have to do such evil things i feel really sorry for the poor man who lost his birds

  • another

    I was going to write my name and email address as usual, but stopped! My husband has an allotment there and I feel there may be reprisals. Then I thought how stupid is that? But that is the way of the world these days, and thugs and stupid idiots rule!

    The whole thing is incredibly sad, it brought tears to my eyes. I went there yesterday and saw the remaining pigeons, poor helpless creatures, it beggars belief that ANY living soul could do that, just don’t understand it. Please Police, catch the stupid idiots (putting it politely) who did this and, publish, name and shame them and for God’s sake don’t give them a suspended sentence because they were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, idiot culture, too young, abused, difficult background…… who cares what their lives are…

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