Southern Water, who supply Whitchurch’s water, are installing sand filters in the wastewater treatment plant, with completion of the £2,700,000 upgrade set for December 2012.

In addition, residents not already on water meters will be forced over to using them by 2015. Southern Water is one of only two companies forcing the change-over to metered water supply.

Southern Water reports that “Metering is important for the environment because people on a meter tend to use 10 per cent less water.”

However, as many as half of customers see their bills increase once their water supply is metered, according to the Basingstoke Gazette.

The installation of water meters is done outside the premise – which means many roads and pavements will be dug up to install the meters.

Both of these iniatives are stated by Southern Water to improve their environmental, or ‘green’, credentials.

Southern Water Contracts Engineer Dennis Taplin said: “We have a responsibility to ensure treated wastewater leaving our works is the highest possible quality.”

He continued, “By using specialist treatment methods, such as sand filters, we can ensure the water recycled back to the environment is reaching these tight standards.”

Whitchurch Treatment Works can treat up to three million litres of wastewater per day. It is located off of the southern end of Winchester St – see map HERE.

Information about the waste-water facility and meter upgrade programme is at Southern Water’s website HERE and HERE, respectively. An article about the water meter upgrade is in the Basingstoke Gazette HERE.