Gizzy, or Ginger, has gone missing.

UPDATE: Gizzy has returned homeit is hoped he enjoyed his holiday but perhaps next time he might give some consideration to those who provide food, warmth and pander to all his needs – and let them know that he has booked a short-break and to say when he will be returning.

A ginger male cat from the Micheldever Road area went missing on Friday 15th June and naturally its owners and their children are very upset.

So to Gizzy, here’s a message to you – sort yourself out and have some feeling for those who feed you, keep you warm, and remain at your beck and call.
And when you return make sure you show your gratitude by not bringing in any unwanted captures, and make sure you know your owners mean something to you.
Purring loudly also helps.

They really do care for your well-being and the children are really missing you.
That’s why they micro-chipped you too!

Your dinner awaits.

Meanwhile if anyone sees Gizzy can they please call Vicky on 0777 5840612.

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