Hampshire County Cllr Tom Thacker gives his presentation to the 2012 Whitchurch Town Assembly.

Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker told residents at this week’s Town Assembly that funding obtained from the Bombay Spirits Company who are building the gin distillery development at Laverstoke Mill won’t be used to improve sustainable transport along the B3400 road anywhere except near the Mill itself.

Local campaigners have been trying for years to improve the footpath and cycle connections along the B3400 between Wells-In-The-Field and Whitchurch, which forms part of the route to Laverstoke Mill.


Bombay Spirits Company Ltd were told by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council that they would have to contribute £95,000 for ‘both local improvements to promote travel by sustainable modes as well as toward improvements to mitigate against the cumulative impact of development within Basingstoke’.

Cllr Thacker said at the Town Assembly meeting on Tuesday, “One of the things I was doing as part of this Laverstoke build [of a new gin distillery] was to investigate whether there was any development funding available. I have been told quite clearly that development funding will only be used to relieve any traffic issues around the Mill.”

He continued, “One of the officers in County said he thought he might have a way to find some funding for it [B3400 improvements through Wells-In-The-Field and into Whitchurch] but unfortunately he has been off ill for the last 2-3 months so I haven’t been able to follow-up on that.”

The campaign page for the improvements at Whitchurch Wells-In-The-Field is HERE. Our article about the gin distillery development is HERE. The planning application for Laverstoke Mill is BDB/74953 – the section 106 scoping proforma (funding) document is HERE. An article about the 2012 Town Assembly is HERE.

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