Snowdrop planting is good exercise.

Anyone traveling along Winchester Road on Saturday morning could have been forgiven if they thought they saw an exercise class underway.
There was a lot of back bending taking place as snowdrops were being planted in the verges. Local residents had been marshaled together by energetic Town Councillors Lin Thomas and Jackie Day to take part in this, the town’s second Diamond Jubilee activity.

The Town Council had funded the snowdrops which will enhance the entry to the town when they bloom each Spring, as well as being a reminder of the Queen’s Jubilee.

To help plant the remaining bulbs, more volunteers are required.
If you would like to help with the planting, and gain a little exercise at the same time, just turn up with a trowel or spade at the Winchester Road Allotments next to the Millennium Meadow at 10.00am on Sunday morning (Sunday April 15th).

See a more detailed article about the snowdrops: 5000 Snowdrops.

Volunteers improving the town by planting 5000 snowdrops.

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