Footpath 23Next Tuesday 12th February, local Walkers are Welcome volunteers will be working alongside the Countryside Ranger team on a section of the Mill Trail that runs alongside the meadow, just down from The Green. This map indicates the stretch of path that they will be working on, shown between the two red markers.

Volunteers improved the path last autumn by widening and levelling a section that was deeply rutted and sloped into the adjacent barbed wire fence. The changes made have now bedded in, but there are a couple of lower spots particularly close to the water table that can still become very muddy. Stage two improvements next Tuesday will seek to address this and provide a more resilient surface, without significantly impacting the countryside appearance of the path.

The work is expected to take place from 10am until early afternoon and once again it will not be necessary to close the path, volunteers will be using hand tools and will happily step out of the way to allow walkers to pass.

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