Whitchurch Festival Association is very pleased to announce that they have the sum of £600 to dedicate charitable awards and projects.

This has accumulated from the excellent range of events held last year.

The Festival Committee is inviting proposals for the best use of this money. The proposals most likely to succeed in application will be those that sit within our guidelines.

Specific areas to consider are:

  • Will the money be used within the Community of Whitchurch, Hampshire?
  • Will the money be used to support Residents, Groups or Charities in Whitchurch?
  • Will the money support areas that improve Education and Welfare in Whitchurch?

The money does not have to be donated specifically to an external entity detached from Whitchurch Festival.
If a proposal involves putting on a new charitable event in Whitchurch, like “We’ll Meet Again” for example, then the proposer could be invited to work with Whitchurch Festival Association and together the proposal could be brought to life.

The closing date for proposals is 4th March.


The successful proposals will be presented to the Membership of Whitchurch Festival Association at a Special General Meeting on 18th March.
An agenda will be sent 1 week before this date to allow the Membership time to consider.

Can you help?
The Festival Committee has a whole range of exciting events for 2012 and is looking for more help in many different areas. Without the support from local people the events and the fundraising would not be possible so help in any way however small is always welcomed.

Again, please contact WHITCHURCH FESTIVAL

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