There are a number of important decisions listed on Monday’s full Town Council Meeting – this month to be held in the Methodist Church.

Town Hall clock 1As well as a number of administrative business items the Council will be considering the Draft Budget for 2020/21 which will determine the precept, the amount of the Council tax which goes to Whitchurch Town Council.

The response to the proposed Incinerator nearby at Longparish/Barton Stacey is a major decision as the proposals could have a far reaching effect on the town. While some believe the burning of waste to produce energy is acceptable many are concerned over long term health, environmental, traffic and emission problems, saying the location is wrong and that the better strategy is to reduce waste first.

There are items on dealing on the Climate Change Action Plan environmental considerations will be handled when dealing with contractors. In addition updates are to be provided on the review of the Neighbourhood Plan which provides protection and controls on the level and type of development that takes place.
Basingstoke & Deane are currently looking at the Borough’s Local Plan and Whitchurch’s Neighbourhood Plan needs to fit with that in order to remain valid.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm and again note the change of venue – it will be in the Methodist Church in Winchester Street.