Do you have any happy stories?

Two pleasant postings on the town website’s Facebook pages show what wealth the town enjoys.

News from the Gill Nethercott Centre:

“OTTER SPOTTED! The Centre Manager’s daughter has seen an otter playing in the river weeds at the rear of the building. Lucky girl. Lets hope they are nesting in the otter holt built for them.
We knew they were not far away as one was spotted last Christmas and we have seen the spraints [otter dung] that mark the territory.”

And a nice human interest story from Wells Lane:

“Tommy and I found a stunned chaffinch on the path in Wells Lane this morning. Mrs Price and Tommy found a box to put him in and Tommy made some holes in the lid. I took him to the vet.
This afternoon the vet called to say the chaffinch was feeling much better. I was relieved as I had seen a female chaffinch hopping about on the path roughly where I’d picked up her mate.
We borrowed a cage from the vets and Tommy released the chaffinch in Wells Lane this afternoon after school.”

Some things bring a smile to your face.

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  • Beth Wright

    I saw a pair of otters playing under the road bridge on Winchester Street late last night. They were calling to each other and having a lovely time in the water and on the bank.

  • Gill Clarke

    Having lived in Whitchurch for 25 years ,yesterday, for the very first time I saw a greater spotted woodpecker on the fat balls in the garden . This was a lovely surprise.
    On a sadder note the large male cob swan has not been seen for several days on the town river, leaving the female to continue to sit on the eggs on her own again this year.
    Can anyone throw any light on what has happened? Has he been seen further up the river?
    Several people are anxious to know what has happened.


    Edit note:
    See recent report:
    Are the Swans at Risk?

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