It’s time to get down to those local shops and pick up a free cotton bag. Phil Cooper of Working4Whitchurch has said that the SEEDA funded cotton bags will be in the local shops today, Monday 31st January.
The bags were one of the Town Centre Improvement Programme projects and were to encourage local residents to support the traders of Whitchurch.

They include a design by the local Rainbow Guides and were to be claimed by the production of a voucher distributed to all residents in a newsletter – thus encouraging more trade in our local shops and providing publicity for the traders. However we now hear that this aspect of the scheme may not now happen and that anyone can simply pick up a bag from participating businesses which are displaying the notice shown here.

The suggestion for the re-useable bags came from a local resident, Michelle Toogood-Johnson, before W4W presented the overall scheme for funding in 2009. Michelle no longer lives in Whitchurch but is to be thanked for her idea.

Background Information

  • The bags received a £3000+ grant from SEEDA as part of the Town Centre Improvement Programme (TCIP) in order to increase business for the local shops.
  • W4W representatives for the TCIP were Phil Cooper and Bill Judge.
  • The design on the bag was developed in 2009 by the Whitchurch Rainbow Guides, and was one of those submitted for the Community Art Project.
  • Overton artist Corinne Marsh was funded to help the children with the project.
  • The idea was by Michelle Toogood-Johnson, who also helped formulate other green initiatives in the town.
  • TCIP ceased in March 2010 although some projects are still continuing.