Roy Dykes wants 20mph for Lynch Hill Park, the residential road where he lives.

Former Whitchurch Mayor Roy Dykes, who lives on Lynch Hill Park, wants Hampshire County Council to reverse its decision to remove his road from the “20mph Residential Roads Pilot” scheme.

UPDATE 8 July 2013: the letter has been sent – there were 38 names on it from all along Lynch Hill Park.

Roy says that if the road isn’t reduced to a 20mph speed limit then it would become “a by-pass for the town of Whitchurch.”

He continued, “It cannot be emphasised enough that Lynch Hill Park is a residential road.”

Roy has drafted a letter to the Traffic Management Team at Hampshire County Council. He says, “Their decision is detrimental to the residents of Lynch Hill Park, and we are therefore asking for your support.”

Roy says that others can add their names to the four already on the letter by ringing 893750 or sending him an email.

Click to read the letter Roy Dykes drafted (pdf)


In December 2012, when Lynch Hill Park was included, Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker said, “The aim is to improve the quality of life in residential areas” and added, “I support the proposals as they stand.”

Cllr Thacker told this website during his election campaign in May that he “supported the Whitchurch Town Council’s request to join the 20mph PILOT (sic) scheme, but only in suitable streets.”

The latest changes to the scheme were announced by Hampshire County Council in a letter dated 4th June. The letter said the road was removed because “motorists would be very unlikely to conform to a 20mph limit” (see HERE).

Cllr Thacker commented, “The reasons for the changes that were made are fully explained in the letters sent out to the residents affected, a copy of which was sent to the town council.”

A calculation shows that the journey time along Lynch Hill Park at 30mph takes 1 minute and 12 seconds; and at 20mph it would take 1 minute and 48 seconds – a difference of 36 seconds. A traffic study in March Also see “Whitchurch Minute“.

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  • Lyn Fuoco

    It already is a bypass the traffic hurtles past the end of Bere Hill Close at break neck speed, trying to pull out from Dances Lane or Bere Hill garages is almost impossible some days.

  • D M Barat

    Mr Dykes clearly states that the problems that concern him regarding motor traffic in Lynch Hill Park are caused by speeding drivers. If these motorists are not observing the 30mph limit what evidence is there that they will suddenly stick to a 20mph limit?
    I think that the proposed 20mph limit pilot scheme is a complete waste of time and police effort would be better spent in enforcing the present speed limit.

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