Former Whitchurch mayor Roy Dykes will attend a debate in the Palace of Westminster about creating an Arctic Medal.

The campaign for an Arctic Medal has taken a positive step forward: there is to be a debate at Westminster this Tuesday 6 December 2011 at 12:30pm, led by Caroline Dinenage, Conservative MP for Gosport. Veterans minister Andrew Robathan will be questioned about why a medal has not yet been created.

In attendance will be Whitchurch resident, former mayor and Arctic Convoy veteran Roy Dykes.

Mr Dykes, 92, of Lynch Hill Park, has been a leader in the campaign to have this Government fulfill a promise made by Mr. Cameron just before the last election to create a medal for those who served in the convoy missions of the Arctic, supplying vital equipment to the Soviet Union (now Russian Federation).

One of the Russian medals presented to Roy Dykes for his role in the Arctic Convoys.


In January of this year, Mr Cameron told the House: ‘Many of them (veterans) are coming to the end of their lives and it would be good if we could do something more to recognise what they have done.’

The Russians created a medal and presented it to British servicemen in May of 2003. The UK Government has only included the veterans of the Arctic convoy missions in with others that received the Atlantic Medal. There is a small lapel badge for those who were in the Arctic.

Visit this website’s campaign page for the Arctic Medal HERE.
You can sign the petition for the medal at the Government epetition website HERE.
An article quoting Mrs Dinenage about the debate is HERE.

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