These woods are one of Whitchurch’s hidden gems. Who is responsible for the fly tipping? Someone must know.

Crime logoWhat can be done about this wholly anti-social and costly behaviour?

Fly tipping desecrates our towns, villages and countryside, and is a criminal offence under the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

It is harmful to local environments and can be hazardous to humans and wildlife alike.

The lovely hidden spaces of Whitchurch off Chatter Lane.

The lovely hidden spaces of Whitchurch off Chatter Lane.

Chatter Lane 1Illegal tipping in Whitchurch
Reports have been received today of “persistent” illegal fly-tipping in Whitchurch on one of the town’s ‘hidden’ areas of woodland off Chatter Alley, which runs from Newbury Street along past the Rookery.
Basingstoke & Deane will now have to clear this mess at considerable cost to local residents. They had to carry out similar work at the same location in July.

Chatter Lane Woods 2Deliberate illegal activity
Whilst some ‘No Fly Tipping’ signs are being placed help remind people, this is a deliberate action that should not be taking place.

Chatter Lane Woods 4Who is responsible?
If anyone has any information they can contact Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council :
Tel: 01256 844844


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