The Whitchurch Town Council have awarded grants totalling £1000 amongst 5 local groups to support their community activities.

The Small Grants Scheme is used to assist local groups and organisations, and other services outside Whitchurch that benefit local people. A budget of £1500 is available under the scheme.

A total of 13 applications were made to the Council; 5 received grants:

  • Testbourne Community School Lunch Club (£150)
  • Victim Support (£100)
  • Whitchurch Association (£500)
  • Whitchurch Festival Committee (£150)
  • Whitchurch Neighbourcare (£100)

The Council stated that the Festival Committee award was given because of a shortfall caused by bad weather necessitating the cancellation of the Carnival procession in July. The £500 to Whitchurch Association was a “contribution towards [a] noise limiter to allow the Trust to meet the requirements of B&DBC Environmental Health”.

The groups not receiving a grant, the amount they requested and the reason for refusal were:

Mulberry Mead Residents’ Association… £1836.95 Refused as it exceeds total budget and not meet requirements for section 137 funding
Whitchurch Rockus Festival… £970 Refused as application came after the event and unsure if event will be repeated
Parish Hall Committee… £500 Refused as new constitution document requested but not received
Whitchurch Arts… £300 Refused as it considered a commercial venture
Disability Awareness… £200 Refused as insufficient benefit to community
Forest Forge Theatre Company… £200 Refused as insufficient benefit to Whitchurch and company has means of raising money through box office
Basingstoke Counselling Service… £100 Refused as no application form received and insufficient benefit to Whitchurch
Hampshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group… £50 Refused as no application form received and insufficient benefit to Whitchurch

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  • Lyn Fuoco

    I would be interested to know how many disabled people there are living in whitchurch and whether they are represented fairly in this community or just an invisible minority..

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