Update Nov 1: comments and information from the chairman of Whitchurch Festival, Rob Dunlop, have been added.

Update Nov 9: clarified that the funds raised will first go to help pay for the fireworks themselves.

Not even a spot or two of rain could put a damper on Whitchurch Festival’s spectacular bonfire and fireworks show that took place this evening on the Millennium Meadow.

A crowd estimated at 1500 came out for the evening’s festivities. Pumpkins created by children at Rising Fives pre-school lined the path into the Meadow.  And, more pumpkins came from the decoration party that took place in the afternoon at The White Hart – see photos HERE.

Chaps from Twangfest served up tasty food and drinks to an appreciative audience, while kids spent their hard-earned pocket money on countless glow-in-the-dark bracelets.

The evening began with the town’s Mayor, Councillor John Clark helping to judge the children’s fancy dress competition – what a treat to see several kids sporting home-made costumes! Later, the mayor assisted the chairman of Whitchurch Arts with the presentation of the awards to the winners of the creative pumpkin competition.

The bonfire was lit and its flames grew and grew! Soon, the night sky was a red glow. The fireworks show began with a bang, continued with a bang and finished with a great-big-bang: a giant firework that seemed to engulf the spectators below in its dangling tentacles! It truly was a magnificent show.

The chairman of the Festival Committee, Rob Dunlop, said, “The finale to the Fireworks display was literally jaw-droppingly awesome.”

He continued, people “were ‘swept away’ by the genuinely friendly community atmosphere throughout the evening.”

Afterwards, about £1000 was collected in buckets to help pay for the fireworks event, with any left over to support the ‘Good Causes’ campaign by Whitchurch Festival.

There was even a people-jam all along Winchester Street for as far as the eye could see as people made their way home. Several businesses, like The White Hart and Prince Regent held fancy dress parties afterwards, well into the wee-hours. Oh yes, an extra hour’s sleep tonight – good thing!

There were seemingly countless volunteers, many from several local businesses and community organisations, that worked together to make the evening a success – more information is to be found on the Whitchurch Festival website.