Fairtrade LogoA coordinated campaign involving individuals, community groups and businesses is moving forward its goal of attaining Fairtrade status for Whitchurch.
Meetings have been held to start the process of meeting the various requirements which range from having local shops supply Fairtrade goods to running events to raise awareness. A major step was passed when Whitchurch Town Council reaffirmed its commitment to Fairtrade at its last Town Council Meeting.

The Fairtrade movement is about creating local sustainability, provision of good working conditions, and paying workers fair wages in the developing world. It is strictly controlled by the Fairtrade Foundation. There are presently around 400 Fairtrade towns who have made the commitment to supporting Fairtrade and its aims and Whitchurch is hoping to join the growing list.

This website will be keeping the town up-to-date with progress. In addition it will be placing the Fairtrade logo against the businesses and services that provide/use Fairtrade products.
Please contact the site if you are already committed to Fairtrade.


Next Meeting
The next meeting is at 8.00pm on Monday 13th September at the White Hart Hotel.

The Town Council Resolution:
“The Council supports the aims of the Fairtrade Foundation in improving the position of poor and marginalised producers in the developing world.
The Council supports attaining Fairtrade Town status for Whitchurch


Just for fun – or is it? Fairtrade tea and coffee (and the occasional Fairtrade beer) is a mainstay of the website team’s diet while entering info!