Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council have given details on the decision making process regarding their Leisure Facilities and Community Buildings Grant, and the reasons behind the recent refusal of two local grant requests.


B&DBC have stated that, “The Parish Hall (renovation) project may well have received support had the Council not received applications from Newtown Hall and Oakley and Deane Parish Council.”

The grant was given to the competing application because it:

  • “levers in greater levels of external funding (79%)
  • provides extended use for youth teams and
  • engages with, and has received contributions from, the local community.”


Testbourne had is application to modernise its changing rooms turned down. B&DBC stated that “modernising facilities is a lower priority.”

B&DBC have said they may reassess the grant applications “when additional capital grant funding becomes available.”

The last successful grant given to Whitchurch was for £8,480 in 2009 to help the Whitchurch United Football Club with their floodlighting project.


The budget for the Leisure Facilities and Community Buildings Grant was £100,000; but it has been cut to £80,000 in the current 2011/2012 financial year.

B&DBC stated that grant support is prioritised (in the order shown) to the following types of project:
• Essential health and safety requirements that cannot be met by the applicant’s funds (roof repair, playing surfaces, boiler/heating system replacement, re-wiring, dry rot etc).
• Improvements to accessibility.
• Modernisation (kitchen/toilet/pitch refurbishments, replacement windows, replacement flooring etc).
• Extensions and other new builds (especially those enabling activities supported in the council plan).
• Re-decoration (internal/external).
• Equipment (tables, chairs, curtains, goal posts, nets etc)