Getting ready for the works in the Square.

Getting ready for the roadworks to take place in the Square.

The Town’s well-known decorated bollards are in need of a tidy up, an exercise that had to be put on hold this year due to planned roadworks and resurfacing in the town centre (yet to take place).

Ideas are being sought for new designs as well as a call for anyone who would like to help with the decoration.

Most of the bollard decorations have an important story or message behind them. They attract people to look, to ponder, and to interact.

This looking and seeing is tentatively planned as the first idea in next year’s launch and the whole town is invited to get involved.

Watching over our town.

Watching over our town.

Just a a bit of fun… AN IDEA
The theme will be planned around Faces, and in particular Eyes.

As well as ‘seeing’ eyes take in information and express emotions – and it is the seeing and expression of emotions of Whitchurch people which are the theme.

Babies Faces, Children’s Faces, Teens Faces, Adults Faces, Senior Faces could all be incorporated.
Different expressions such as sad/happy, ethnic backgrounds, fashion styles, male and female are all sought.

If this creativity works a bollard will be decorated with tens if not hundreds of these eyes which will look out across the town centre. All whose eyes are included will receive a certificate.

The technical bit:
To be included, a picture preferably digital of a strip of face incorporating the eyes and top of the nose should be supplied, along with a name.
The picture should be around 200mm across and at a good resolution.

There is time to get the most appropriate picture you can for a possible launch next Spring.

If interested email: WHITCHURCH BOLLARDS

As we say – just some fun 🙂