No Whitchurch, Hampshire... and don't be tempted by the Reading one, it's actually Whitchurch-on-Thames, Reading, Oxfordshire!

Several towns in North West Hampshire, including Whitchurch, are not listed on Facebook. This means people are left unable to declare their hometown on the popular social networking site.

The area’s local MP, The Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt and his technical advisor Horace Mitchell are pressing the company to rectify the situation.

Andover is there...but in the wrong county.

Horace Mitchell said, “Whitchurch is not alone! Tadley is another – even larger – town in the constituency that appears not to be recognised in Facebook; Andover is there but Facebook has it located in Wiltshire!”

This website’s presence on Facebook, WhitchurchHants, is also affected.

You can help, too, by contacting Facebook to request that our town is listed: click HERE to do so.