Engine ExhaustDrivers who leave their engines running while stationery in Whitchurch (and the rest of the Borough) may be liable to a penalty notice from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.
The new fines are being introduced on Monday 23rd March as the council steps up its aims to reduce air pollution.

Fixed Penalty Notices
The £20 fixed penalty notices will be issued by the council’s civil enforcement officers, community safety patrol officers and environmental officers while carrying out their normal duties. Drivers will be issued with the notices if they refuse to switch off their engines when requested.

Idling outside local schools and shops
There have been several reports of drivers idling their engines in Whitchurch, including for periods of over half-an-hour while outside the local schools as well as when calling into local shops in the centre.

Further Information
For more information on the new powers and what they mean for motorists, why the council is tackling engine idling, information on the Clean Air Campaign and myth busting visit BASINGSTOKE CLEAN AIR

Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement Cllr Hayley Eachus said:

“Leaving your engine on while waiting in your car contributes to unnecessary emissions that affect levels of air pollution and greenhouse gases. Many motorists are simply not aware they can make a difference by switching off their engine while waiting.
“Our primary objective is to raise awareness and educate motorists to switch off their engines while waiting, but it is also important they understand that vehicle idling is an offence. These powers enable us to issue a fixed penalty notice for a fine of £20 and these will be issued by our officers when required.”