A driver was lucky to be alive after a crash this morning on the B3400 at Wells-in-the-Field that ended with the car on its roof and the road closed.

Driver arrested
The driver, a male, has been arrested for drunk driving and was more than double the legal limit.
A witness to the aftermath has said that the driver managed to get out of this car and then started swearing at those trying to help.

The road, which has a 40mph limit is now open, but buses were delayed and diversions had to be taken.

Devastating effects
Driving when drunk is an arrestable offence and as well as resulting in deaths or injuries to the drivers, it can often have devastating effects for families and friends, as they come to terms with the results. It also puts other innocent road users at serious risk of death and injury. Thankfully in this case no one died.

Calls for improving safety
However, this stretch of road has been highlighted recently as one that is particularly dangerous and there have been calls to improve it, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. The stretch where the driver crashed is at the end of the section where there is no footpath.
As one resident said
“If anyone had been walking or cycling along there this morning it doesn’t bear thinking about. This happened at a time when anyone could have been out enjoying the countryside or visiting friends.”
Local residents also point out that the 40mph speed limit is there for a purpose and that this is not the first vehicle to end up upside down.

Report suspects – ‘Don’t Get Smashed’
Meanwhile, Hampshire Police are asking anyone who suspects a driver may be drinking to text 80999.
They say:
“Any information sent to 80999 will be received anonymously, and senders simply need to text the precise location where the driver was last seen, direction of travel if possible, and as many vehicle details as possible – most importantly the number plate.”

This 80999 number is a text-only service, and will not take phone calls.
You can also call 999 to report a drink drive offence in progress.

They point out that driving the next morning after drinking the night before can also leave you over the limit.

Details of the Police ‘Don’t Get Smashed’ campaign are here:


Thank you to PC Rich Baldwin and to Sarah Perceval for the pictures.
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  • Chrissie Ferngrove

    PLEASE can we have at least a 30 mph speed limit at Wells-in-the-Field? This is the second time in the last 6 months that some complete idiot has overturned their car outside our house, causing upset to those living here, wasting public money on emergency services, and putting other road-users at risk. Since living here we have also had 2 cats run over by speeding drivers. At least if there was a 30 mph speed limit instead of 40, they might actually slow down to 50 …

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