Water restrictions, as of 5 April 2012, do not apply in Whitchurch according to Southern Water.

Whilst other areas are now under water restrictions Whitchurch is not, according to Southern Water.

Southern Water stated,

Our water customers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will not be affected by restrictions at this time, but we are asking them not to waste water.

They explained why there is no restriction for Whitchurch:

During drought we can experience very different supply shortages depending on how the drought has developed, even where drought conditions appear to be very similar.

Despite the lack of rainfall across the South East, different supply areas respond differently. As a mixture of different sources supply different regions, each source reacts in different ways to deficiencies in rainfall.

Tips for saving water from Direct.gov:

  • Use dishwashers and washing machines only when they are full
  • Use bathwater and washing-up water to wash the car and the garden
  • Save the cold water that comes through before a tap runs hot, and use it to water plants
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of waiting for the tap to run cold
  • Turn off the taps when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Install a water-saving device in the toilet
  • Grow your grass a little longer. It will stay greener than a close-mown lawn and need less watering

Details about water restrictions at Southern Water is on their website HERE and a Questions & Answers section is HERE.

Further tips on conserving water from Direct.gov: Inside At Home and In The Garden

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