So how did Whitchurch cope?
No need to strip the shelves empty of food after all!
By mid-evening yesterday there was a thin sprinkling of snow over much of the town as reports started coming in through the town’s FACEBOOK pages.

“Is it just us folks at the top of the hill, then? Still coming down (was light, now getting thicker…)” – followed by…

“It’s snowing in Fairfields – Wahoo!! ” – with…

“Slight flurry out here on the Harroway” – and…

“Looks half an inch depth on Micheldever Road at 19:20”

Winchester Street at 10.00pm

But where was the real white stuff – the snow of snowmen and snowball fights? Hopes rose as children peered out from behind the curtains.

The gritters and salters had been out, snow ploughs had been seen, the new Whitchurch Snow Crisis Line (01256 896270) was waiting for calls for help, and some brave people ventured out to their local pubs, perhaps hoping to be snowed in overnight with a cask of beer or two! A few cars were later to be seen sliding in the Square, but the best place to be was inside by a log fire.

But the temperatures rose and by morning there was only a small covering left. Early risers prepared sledges, and incredibly one small group went knocking on doors carol singing – and we are not kidding, Christmas must come early in Whitchurch!

But soon what little was left was fast disappearing and by lunchtime the sun was unsuccessfully trying to break through too. While other areas of the country suffered heavy falls, Whitchurch had been left relatively unscathed.

Let us hope that what is left does not freeze which could lead to treacherous pavements and roads.
Take care!

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  • The Mayor and Mayoress

    Before you say it – yes I do think of those for whom any amount of snow is a real hazard and most unwelcome, and I would be out there helping whoever I could.

    But for me and the children I know – we were very dissapointed that the miserly bit we did have is all but gone. I had hoped for a foot (sorry 300mm) or so.

    I was prepared with my grandchildren, with our home made sledge !


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