They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and so it is for a great many dog owners. They provide, fun, enjoyment, and for many, welcome company.

Some fail to clean up

However there remain a small minority of owners who have disregard for others, allowing their dogs to leave their deposits on pavements, public footpaths and playing fields. They fail to clean up after their dog, leaving the mess for others to step in.

Some have even thrown the plastic bags containing the faeces into the undergrowth or onto other people’s property.

Bag it, Bin it!

The Whitchurch Town Council has been taking steps to reduce the problem, promoting ‘Bag it, Bin it’, and saying:

“Why do they not take the bags home for disposal, or use one of the litter bins, of which there are currently 61 around the Town?”

New signs

Recreation areas and playgrounds where children play have caused the most concern and the Council has recently had new signs made reminding dog owners of their responsibilities. They have now been added to posts around the parks.

The notices which say “Keep in Clean, Keep it Green, Please be Responsible” will hopefully cut down the number of offences that take place.


Editor Note:
Since the article was published the uppermost sign on the pole in the lower picture has been removed by the Town Council.

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  • Mike Stead

    Is the topmost sign a legal requirement? Or have the council spent our money on something that seeks to criminalise a perfectly legal activity (walking dogs across the grass?)

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