Unfortunately it seems the problems of some dogs fouling parts of Whitchurch hasn’t gone away.

The Town Council report that despite the new signs being erected at both Alliston Way and Kingley Park, mess is still being left.
They also report that one sign was removed and vandalised beyond repair.

An article on the new signs was published HERE

The Town Council point out:
“we are all ultimately paying, through our Council Tax, for a small minority who have total disregard for the health and comfort of others”.

They ask that sightings of dogs fouling are passed to the Town Council so that the Borough Dog Warden can be asked to monitor the sites.
In addition vandalism should be reported to the Police on 101.

The Town Council’s statement, which is a pdf document, can be downloaded from their website. Click “Whoops!”

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  • kiwimike

    How terrible. Is there any proof at all that it was a dog owner responsible for the damage/vandalism? It seems to be an inference in the council’s document as well as the website article, if in no other way than the juxtaposition.

    In other news, it appears a car has damaged the ‘sharp corner’ sign on the corner by the church, which will no doubt cost us council taxpayers a considerable sum to replace. I look forward to the website’s/council’s article on this matter of road safety, chastising the small minority of drivers “who have total disregard for the health and comfort of others”. How much of our taxpayer money is spent replacing roadsigns in the town each year?

    Edit Note:
    As the article states, the information comes from the Town Council.
    There is no inference as to the perpetrators of the vandalism. You could ask at the Town Hall.

    The website is wholly community-owned and all content is provided by an increasing number of volunteer contributors.

    There is a page to help contributors should you wish to provide an article/feature on damage to road signs:
    How to add your own content

  • Kirsty

    Was at the skate park field today and nearly stepped in 3 piles of dog mess. something else really needs to be done!

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