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Are you able to let me know who I can contact re the dog mess situation in Whitchurch?

There is an increase in piles of it all round the town.
A friend of mine described walking her son to school whilst pushing her daughter in her pushchair as “running the dog poo gauntlet”.

I think children of Whitchurch deserve better than this. I do not own a dog but surely if you do it is standard practice that you clear it’s mess up behind it? Are there not enough signs or bins in Whitchurch to enforce what should be common decency? There can only be a few offenders to flush out.

Said friend contacted Basingstoke and Deane and was advised to keep a log of the offenders and the times it was happening which doesn’t seem realistic but please let me know if it is B&D I do need to contact.
Thank you.

Ongoing problem
It seems that this is an ongoing problem in Whitchurch and regularly gets raised.
The town website has covered issues ranging from dogs on recreation areas to bags of faeces being thrown into bushes. It is believed to be one of the most often made complaints received by the Town Council.
Their advice is also to log offenders then supply details for the Borough Council’s Dog Warden.

Is this “realistic”?
What else could be done to reduce the problem?

An article was published on the town website which gave a link to the advice from the Town Council:

The comments section below can be used to express opinion, as can the town’s FACEBOOK PAGE.

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  • jean blake

    I have 2 dogs and pick up after; in fact I pick up other dog poo as it looks bad on me if anybody see me with my dogs and thinks it is my 2 dogs.

  • Lizzie Lewis

    It does amaze me that people go to the effort of buying dog poop bags, clear up the mess and then leave them lying on the ground or thrown in a tree. Why do half a job? It’s not really that much of a chore to take it to a bin – there are plenty around. As an owner of two dogs, and being very particular about clearing up, I find this really bizarre!

  • Mike Stead

    “What else could be done to reduce the problem?”


    This is a societal issue where a few antisocial people break laws that cannot be realistically enforced, without turning the town into a surveillance state at considerable cost.

    The fact that nothing can be done won’t stop it re-appearing here every 6 months though.

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