Dog Fouling Notice smThe following has been received from a local resident concerning the ongoing issue of Dog Mess in the town.


Dear Whitchurch Town Website,

I’m sorry to contact you about such a unsavory subject but I feel compelled to write so that you may be able to help raise awareness via the town website of the importance of picking and clearing up after your animal.

I have noticed that there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of dog mess being left around the town and particularly as we go through the Autumn months when the offending items can be hidden under leaves from the passing foot. I suspect that as the evenings start to become dark people feel that they can get away with not clearing up after their animals.

Whilst this is unpleasant at best, it is repulsive and can lead to all sorts of health complaints and complications, particularly in children.

This morning when I walked my children to school, my four year old daughter stepped in some of this carelessly left mess and it not only caused a significant additional burden to the journey to school, she was also clearly distressed about the issue, it resulted in her and her older sister being late for school, whilst her parents had to clear her up. This happened on the path from King’s Walk to Lynch Hill a well used and popular footpath in the town used by many school children and parents, and dog walkers…

I think it is particularly unfair to those of us who are trying to do their best to walk their children to school so that we do not contribute to the traffic issues around the town and that parents may be deterred by selfish dog owners, who are unwilling or unaware of the vileness that this issue it is causing.

I would be extremely grateful if you could highlight the issue so that it may raise awareness amongst the dog owning community in the hope that it changes behaviour of clearly a selfish minority.

Kind regards,

Local Resident