One subject that raises the heckles wherever you live is that of dogs leaving their mess, but this time it is good to report on what could be a useful and positive development, as a result of the improvements in technology – and it comes with a binload of fun.

Plotting Bins
From Fields in Trust we hear that there is now an ‘app’ on which dog bins can be plotted. Responsible owners clear up after their dogs and should now be able to find the nearest receptacle into which to drop their ‘bags’.
If they are not shown they can then help others by adding them to the mapping.

Fields in Trust is the organisation that oversees the QEII Jubilee Fields programme, including the adoption of Daniel Park as a QEII Field, where no development can take place – except for that famous strip reserved by Basingstoke and Deane for a possible road. Many use the Field to exercise Man’s Best Friend.

Awards – Win prizes
The app, created by DoggyDooDar, also provides awards for visiting and tagging waste bins and other doggy facilities. Each daily visit and ‘tag’ earns one DoggyDooDar Star and there are monthly, annual and spot prizes to win.
Even non-dog owners can take part and as the developers say “allowing everyone to keep their community free of our four legged friends’ daily little gifts”.

Disposal of bags
In the past it has been reported that some dog owners have thrown their bags of poo into the undergrowth, and only last week one such bag went into a garden in Winchester Road. The town’s Facebook pages also went into overdrive this week as reports of mess along the Whitchurch paths and streets again came to the fore.

But with this ‘app’ bins can be plotted by responsible owners, to help everyone keep the town clean, not just at the QEII Park but throughout Whitchurch.

It looks both fun, and a useful tool. Its free too.

The app is presently designed for iPhone, iPad and iTouch and can be downloaded from iTunes.
There is a video demo here:


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