enjoying the sk8 park

my name is callum nicolson i am 15yrs old and live in whitchruch. i am a bmx enthusiast and love are skate park but it has started to “dull” down in the sense that we would like to have more colorful ramps by spray painting , putting some new ramps in, a old shipping container to put cleaning tools in with a gap to put bmx’s in when it rains and some lighting for the winter so we can still use it . so i started a group to get 1000 people to join to get the skate park renovated so more young people can use it. this has more than one positive as hopefully young people could get more services and more money would be spent in whitchurch young people are the future and we need help
yours gratefully callum nicolson

Editor’s note: the Facebook group that Callum started is already over half-way to his goal of 1000 people supporting the skate park. You can join the group by clicking HERE. Callum has also created an event – drop by the BMX/Skateboard park this Sunday between 10am and noon with whatever cleaning things you have (broom, etc) and help tidy it up.