DefibWhitchurch Association, who run the Gill Nethercott Centre, has being accepted as one of the Co-op’s Local Good Causes

The project is to provide defibrillator coverage for the whole of the town of Whitchurch.

As well as running the Gill Nethercott community centre, it is responsible for providing facilities and social activities that enhance the physical and mental well being of the community. (it also oversees this website)

The plan includes continuing the roll out of defibrillators in the town. One has already been moved to an external site, one has been installed in the community centre, training has been provided in their use and CPR techniques and two more are in the pipeline.

The remaining areas to be covered include an industrial estate, new housing, a scout hut and a nursery. The route to and from our busy railway station also comes within this area. Visitors to the town will also benefit.

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