Many of those supporting the retention of Daniel Park as QEII Jubilee Field are now saying that democracy in Basingstoke and Deane Council has been thrown out of the window.

The town website now has a webcast of the Daniel Park meeting held last week where representations from Whitchurch councillors and residents were made to the Council’s Cabinet.

A previous Borough Committee had decided that a recommendation to reserve land for a possible road across the Park be removed from the proposals, yet it still went forward from the officers – a decision that still has campaigners bewildered.

As one attendee present at the meeting says:

This is worth watching to see how the present system of local democracy doesn’t work! It was a fait acompli and if anything was cynical that was.
There is also an admission that there were certain failings of communication within the Council’s process and administration – will they apologise? I doubt it.

Several local residents had also submitted written comments to Cllr Ranil Jayawardena, the Cabinet Member who made the final decision.
Council officers have been asked to verify whether these comments, which included input from the Primary School, were passed to other Cabinet members before the meeting. These were in addition to the unanimous decision of the Town Council to oppose the Borough Councils plans.
As yet the Borough Council has not confirmed whether they were indeed distributed to all Cabinet members.

The report on this meeting is at: THE ROAD TO NOWHERE

Fields in Trust who ran the QEII Fields Challenge have also been asked for comment.


The Councillors who make up the Cabinet are:

Cllr Clive Sanders – Conservative – East Woodhay
Cllr Ranil Jayawardena – Conservative – Bramley and Sherfield
Cllr Andrew Finney – Conservative – Oakley and North Waltham
Cllr Cathy Osselton – Conservative – Kingslere
Cllr Karen Cherrett – Conservative – Rooksdown
Cllr Elaine Still – Conservative – Chineham
Cllr Rob Golding – Conservative – Oakley and North Waltham (absent from meeting)

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  • Julie Frost

    What a travisty of so called “democracy”!!!
    Those cabinet members in my opinion went into that meeting with their minds already made up!
    Very well done to the representatives of Whitchurch, who all put their reasoned arguments forward, with skill and dignity, its a great pity that they weren’t listened to!

  • Les Jordan

    I don’t know if it will have any effect, but I have today sent a letter to the editor of ‘Private Eye’ magazine about this debacle.
    (View text at hopefully!)

    It is my sincere hope that:
    (i) I’ve got the facts right
    (ii) I haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes by doing this
    (iii) it does some good!!!!

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