Responses have now been received from Fields in Trust and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Have they been working to exclude part of the Park for an access Road?
What are Basingstoke and Deane’s intentions?

Are the plans to allocate land for a road from Alliston Way across the Park to the Knowlings Field?
Yes or No?
We publish the responses in full.


Here is what Fields in Trust have to say:

Whilst Daniel Park has been nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field FIT does not yet have a legal agreement in place with Basingstoke and Deane BC. They have agreed in principle to safeguard Daniel Park but the precise perimeter of the site is to be agreed at a Council meeting next week. I’m afraid it is not within our powers to define the area that the Council chooses to protect – as the landowner this is their decision and they are the only ones who can make it and legally dedicate the land.


We are very pleased that the current plan does ensure the safeguarding of a large recreational space that, with its skateboard park and children’s playground, will provide recreational space for children for years to come.

Without the safeguarding that FIT offers then development can often take place and so this underlines the importance of legally protecting as much recreational space as possible.


Basingstoke and Deane sent their response as a comment to this website which says:

No decision has been taken about the land at all and certainly no plans for a road have been put forward.

Residents voted for a Queen Elizabeth II park to be created from Daniel Park and were successful, with a high number of votes for this proposal. The council is supportive of dedicating the park in this way as a celebration of the Diamond Jubilee year and has been progressing the deed of dedication to make this possible with Fields in Trust, who launched the national initiative.

The council owns the adjoining site, which could, in the future, provide for local housing need. Again no plans for this have been put forward and no detailed assessments have been carried out. As it is a council asset, held on behalf of all council tax payers, it would not be prudent to rule out one of a number of possible options for access to this site without giving this some consideration. As there are no plans for development, the land would continue in its current use until such time that circumstances change.

However, were any proposal to come forward, as with any planning application from any landowner, access would need to be fully considered. As part of the planning process consultation would then be carried out on any application.

Ultimately the Cabinet Member for Finance and Property takes any final decisions about land that the council owns in the borough. To help him make a decision, the Economic Prosperity and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be discussing the issue next Tuesday.

The meeting will be held at the civic offices starting at 6.30pm – the report is available on the website at and the council has a public participation scheme covering speaking at committee meetings.

Campaigners say the BDBC documentation makes it clear their wish is for a road across Daniel Park from Alliston Way should there be housing on Knowlings Field.

The BDBC report to the Committee includes:

Access via Daniel Park: – this would involve the utilisation of a strip of grassland, along the southern and western boundaries of Daniel Park. This would cater for roads, footpath/cycleway, services, landscaping and sight lines and to enable connection to Alliston Way to the west.

AND specifically:

If sufficient land is not excluded from the deed of dedication of Daniel Park, the council would have to seek the formal consent of the FiT to construct an access road.


Comments (4)

  • Mike Stead

    What a load of weasel-wordage from B&DBC. You can see their spinmeister licking his/her thin lips while considering how to mislead us all.

    “7.4 If sufficient land is not excluded from the deed of dedication of Daniel Park, the council would have to seek the formal consent of the FiT to construct an access road.”

    Nothing about asking the community if they a) want the park to have a road running along one boundary or b) if they want a massive increase in traffic volumes along a school route, through a small neighbourhood, with effectively one-way streets. B&DBC clearly do not give a hoot for sustainable, liveable communities. They might be happy for their own city to be a rat-run of car-dominated thoroughfares, but leave our pretty town out of it.

  • Keith Watts

    In 2010 an HCC Highways Officer was consulted about access to the proposed housing site from the corner of Alliston Way and Daniel Road and responded “Aliston Way itself is 5.5m in width and has footways of circa 1.5m width on both sides of most of its length. Geometrically it could accommodate growth of this order. However, the location of Whitchurch Primary School means that, particularly in the morning peak, there would be a risk of conflict between new outbound residential trips and existing school trips many of which are known to be pedestrian trips with no fixed routes or dominant crossing points being observed. I would have concerns about the impacts of a substantial new vehicular access to the site from this location.”

  • climo

    The people who have dreamt up this mendacious scheme live on a different planet. They’ll hide behind the screen of ‘we are only identifying the possibilities and it’s up to the councillors to vote on it’.
    I’d like to know exactly who instructs them to seek out these possibilities. Who instructed the officers to plan this deception with ‘Fields in Trust’ (should be Mistrust) & exactly when did that process start. Dates and time, written or verbal instructions, etc.
    Maybe an FOI would reveal that info but I expect it would get ‘lost’.

  • climo

    What angers me is the duplicitous way that the BDBC and Fields in Trust have deliberately misled the residents of Whitchurch. It is a total and utter breach of trust. Is it any wonder why people distrust their borough councils when they act in this manner.
    This is not democracy in action and not a demonstration of the Tory governments promise of giving local people more control over local planning.

    Here in Whitchurch we’re lucky to have 2 hard working borough councillors who defend the towns interests and I hope that they can stop this. Just to be clear, I have no affiliation with the local Lib Dems but I do admire their hard work.

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