Whitchurch Borough Councillor Keith Watts has gained support from other Councillors to challenge the decision to reserve land for a road across Daniel Park.

Cabinet over-rule recommendation
The Basingstoke and Deane Council Cabinet, which comprises of six Conservative councillors, had over-ruled the recommendation of a Committee that the whole site known as Daniel Park should be dedicated for ever as recreation land in commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Request for a ‘call-in’
Through a procedure known as a ‘call-in’, Cllr Watts has asked that the Decision of the Cabinet be ‘called-in for scrutiny’ before it is implemented.

The request is signed by three Liberal Democrat Councillors and three Labour Councillors.

Keith says:

Last October, Whitchurch people voted in a national ballot for this land to be a Queen Elizabeth II Field. After the vote, Council officials recommended that a 20 metre wide strip of the land should be retained for a possible road to be built serving 200 new houses on the site behind The Knowlings.
On 6th March a Committee of elected Councillors disagreed, recommending that the whole site should be dedicated as a QE II Field.

However on 20th March the six Conservatives of the Cabinet over-ruled that decision.

Alliston Way - properties may be blighted

Further scrutiny of the decision
“our properties will be blighted in perpetuity”
This request has today been confirmed as being allowed, particularly because of the Alliston Way petition presentation by Barry Thomas that included “our properties will be blighted in perpetuity if this land is retained”.
The Decision will now be scrutinised by another meeting of the Economic Prosperity and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

As the Council is entering an ‘election period’ this cannot be considered until after the Borough Council elections on 3rd May.

Should Whitchurch get the QEII Field it voted for?
What are your views?

For a video of local presentations see STANDING UP FOR WHITCHURCH

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  • Keith Watts

    This evening the Full Council of 60 elected members will receive the report of the Cabinet meeting that made the Decision about the QE II Field. There is no value in other Whitchurch people traipsing over to Basingstoke for this meeting, Eric and I will be there and I will ask the Leader / Chairman of Cabinet a question. The meeting will be webcast live from 6.30.

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