Road sign DangerPosted on local Social Media late on Tuesday afternoon:

“5.20 pm heading towards Andover on the B3400 just after Hurstbourne Priors are a group of 6 or so boys – aged about 12. I think they have either been swimming or going swimming, as they are all bare chested and carrying towels. 

They are all on scooters, some on the wrong side of the road. I’m not sure how I missed them as I came around a blind bend and they were just in the middle of the lane. One of the kids on the other side was on the phone, while scooting and appeared to be in tears.

I couldn’t stop there was nowhere safe.

If they are yours, please go and pick them up and tell them how to keep safe on a busy main road.
I’m scared one or more is going to be killed or seriously injured.”