Heading towards Whitchurch

The White Hart was packed with cyclists at the weekend as the popular pub acted as the main turning point in the Whitchurch 100k ‘audax’ ride.

Audax rides are popular challenge events where cyclists ride at their own pace with a minimum and a maximum speed. They pass through a number of controls, including secret ones to ensure riders cover the set route.

Last Saturday’s ride was held in near ideal cycling conditions for the time of year, with just a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. Starting at Catherington near Horndean nearly 60 cyclists wound their way through the Hampshire countryside to the control at Whitchurch, and some very welcome refreshments.

100km rides are the baby of the events, with most being between 200 and 600km, but at this time of year they are considered to be very sociable end of season rides.

During next year several similar cycle rides will be using Whitchurch as a control point.
The next ‘audax’ ride that comes into the area is the Watership Down 108km event, an early season-opener which is held in early January.

Refreshment stop at the White Hart

Thanks to Phil Chinn for the picture above

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