A small group arrives in town.

Around fifty cycling enthusiasts visited Whitchurch today as part of a 106km cycle ride. Held under the auspices of AudaxUK, the event had started near Waterlooville and was aptly named the ‘Whitchurch Winter Wind-down 100’ as it comes at the end of the ‘competitive’ cycling season.

The weather, although damp near the start was good for cycling at this time of year, with very little wind and only a few showers.
The riders headed out over the undulating chalk downlands of southern Hampshire before the half-way turn ‘control’ held at the White Hart Hotel, where many enjoyed lunch.

Whitchurch is a popular stopping point for several of these rides, as it has a number of excellent refreshment halts.

AudaxUK is the UK’s internationally recognised long-distance cycling association and oversees events most weekends throughout the year of various distances.

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Local cycling
Tomorrow (Sunday) is forecast to be a sunny day (fingers crossed) and could be a last opportunity to enjoy the golden colours of the remaining autumn leaves before they finally all fall.

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