PC Paula Deery has just returned to the Whitchurch beat, after being on long-term sick leave, and has chaired a meeting of the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Watch last week at the White Hart. Various issues affecting our town were discussed, and results of a recent survey were reported.


Crime figures for December 2010 (24 crimes and ASB), January 2011 (29), and February 2011 (30) are now on the police.uk website. Snapshots from each month are shown below.

PC Paula said, “Overall there has been an increase in crime but however a higher detection rate meaning that more people have been arrested. Particular increase in burglary non dwellings (garages/sheds) this year.”

She continued, “Three persons have been arrested on suspicion of the garage break-ins on Daniel Road”.

PC Paula also reported that the dog warden has been visiting Whitchurch in response to a recent increase in reports of dog mess – see our story HERE. Further patrols in key areas are being planned.


The recent ‘Your Voice Counts‘ survey was sent out to local residents, schools and advertised on this town website. The results indicate that the three priorities people wanted addressed most are:

  • Speeding
  • Under-age drinking / Anti-social behaviour
  • Burglary at non-dwellings (garages/sheds)

These priorities were shared with the Town Council, the headteachers of the schools, neighbourhood watch represenatives, borough councillors, shop representatives and school pupils. Agreement by them on these three priorities was reached at the Neighbourhood Panel Meeting which took place on 17th March 2011 in the Town Hall.

In other news, the relocation of a major police department from Basingstoke to Whitchurch, which we first reported on HERE, is now underway.


(click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger version, or follow the links in the article above to get to the interactive version on the police website)