Do you recognise this mouse?

An investigation is underway to determine just who had taken one of the cast of White Mice which are starring in a Fairytale Competition run by the town’s local shops and businesses.

The hapless and frightened Mouse was discovered early this afternoon clinging by its claws to the top of a wall in Rec Alley, and was lucky to be spotted by a passer by before the circling crows could swoop on their prey.

It is thought he was taken as a hostage and then the kidnappers panicked, dumping the shivering victim near the gate.

In shock
Unfortunately he is in some shock and has lost his memory so cannot tell us from whence he came. One clue is that he has a large letter ‘K’ attached to his underside, maybe a secret code, or something more sinister – but possibly a hint that may lead to some answers!

He is presently recuperating in the safe custody of this website!

Can you help?
If you are missing a white mouse, or can recognise him (or is it a her?) please let us know so that he can be repatriated.

If anyone saw anything or heard any suspicious squeaks, can they please email this website as soon as possible quoting ‘Operation MouseTrap’ to our MOUSE HOTLINE

The Show must go on…
Meanwhile the Fairytale Competition continues.
Call in any of the participating shops and pick up an entry form.
The winners will be announced at ‘H’s’ next Friday, December 16th, at 6pm.
Hopefully by then our ‘K’ may have been reunited with his family in time to see the competition winner receive a family ticket to see Peter Pan!

Or will he survive that long? See below!


Clearly a very brave (or foolhardy) mouse - Living dangerously.