Parsonage Meadow

Parsonage Meadow

One of the town’s oldest organisations, the Whitchurch Cricket Club, held a special meeting onat the weekend to determine its status for the future.
Formed in 1776 the Club is one of the town’s oldest institutions, and has been playing on Parsonage Meadow for 90 years.

With the lease due for renewal, vandalism at the ground, and a loss of some key players, survival of the Club has been at the forefront of the Club’s thoughts.

Filming with BBC

Filming with BBC

BBC and the Ground
On Sunday morning BBC South came to Whitchurch to film the plight of Whitchurch Cricket Club and cover its long history, including its association with the late Lord Denning who supported the Club.
Meetings have also been held with representatives from the Town Council who are concerned over potential loss of the open space, as well as with other potential partners to help save the Club and the Ground.

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Support from Town Council
On Monday evening Whitchurch Town Council agreed a grant out of its community grants scheme to help fund a gang mower, a secure storage container and important coaching to encourage new participation. A sum totalling £3000 has been offered subject to a number of conditions. In addition a very kind benefactor has offered to pay the rent for the next six months while the Club has committed to run a team for the forthcoming season.

The Town Council is also to proceed with an application to have the Parsonage Meadow listed as an Asset of Community Value. This would give a community group the Right to Bid should the owner wish to sell.
The present owners are St Cross who lease the ground to the Cricket Club

Interested in helping?
If anyone wishes to be part of one of the most quintessential of English sports, whether it be by playing, organising, pouring tea or maintaining the ground, or who may be able to help in any other way, please contact

The Club's banner.

The Club’s banner.