Whitchurch has always been a hotbed for creative talent from music and theatre to literature and crafting. Many artists are tucked behind the scenes with their passions for painting, sculpture, graphics arts or photography. However, the artistic temperament is often one of individualism that does not gel well with collective activities.

So while the Whitchurch Arts meeting was disappointing in attendance, it was still good to hear of local artistic talent that remains to the fore.

A ‘transitional year’
The Annual General Meeting in the While Hart heard that it has been a ‘transitional year’ and that several members were stepping down from their roles. While the buffet was enjoyed, plans for another possible exhibition were discussed. Meanwhile the excellent Off The Walls concept remains in existence, although it needs someone to be taking it forward.

An essential part of the business at an AGM is the election of officers, and a small team under new Chair Sue Rampton will be aiming to take the organisation through the next year.
Sue is supported on the Committee by Cliff Crossley, Graham Burgess and Eric Dunlop.

From dandelions to submarines
The meeting closed with Sue showing an excellent piece of work depicting dandelions in the wind, produced as a lino cut and printed by Chris. Graham Burgess gave a resume of his time involved in the Liverpool International Garden Festival, held nearly 30 years ago in 1984 and featuring a famous ‘Yellow Submarine’ now at John Lennon Airport.

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  • Graham Burgess

    Key to my presentation was that local artist Jeanne Tichener did the initial artist’s impression that empowered Camell Laird to build the Yellow Submarine and subsequently the design appeared on hundreds of thousands of mugs, tee shirts and badges. Also reported latest on recreation of King Arthur’s Round Table involving local creative beings like Tony Ponting (Table) Jason Oram (Seats) Simon Moore (Cutlery ).

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