The BT faster broadband checker shows no availability yet for the Hurstbourne Inn pub.

Many people in Whitchurch and in neighbouring villages are still unable to order BT Infinity faster broadband: a full two years after the campaign to bring the Internet speed upgrade was won by volunteers.

Meanwhile, some who can order the product have reported slower than promised speeds. Many, though, have received substantial speed increases beyond what the older ADSL technology offered.

BT told this website just before Christmas that it expected the remaining Whitchurch FTTP cabinet, and the FTTC cabinet in Hurstbourne Priors, to be ready by the end of December.

A check today at the BT website shows that BT Infinity orders cannot be taken for properties in either place: the phone numbers of the White Hart and the Hurstbourne Inn pubs were entered into the ‘What speed can I get with BT?‘ online checker tool.

The tool display this message for both locations:

“Sorry, you’re not currently able to get BT Infinity”


The online BT broadband checker tool shows that the White Hart cannot yet order BT Infinity faster broadband.

The FTTP – fibre to the premises – cabinet was delayed from earlier in the autumn due to problems with flooding. BT OpenReach had originally hoped to have this cabinet working last July.

The FTTC – fibre to the cabinet – cabinets in neighbouring villages of Hurstbourne Priors, Freefolk Priors and Litchfield Road were delayed in September due to an unexpected arrangement of power cables. Originally, the desire by BT OpenReach was to have these cabinets ready by last June.

In some good news, BT said just before Christmas,

“The Hurstbourne Priors cabinet has now had its power connected and is due to have its meter installed and certified this week – that should mean that it will be released before the end of the year. The other 2 cabinets are still waiting for power.”

A further update – happy new year! – from BT has been requested.

UPDATE 14/01/2013: From BT: “In terms of FTTC, the cabinets in Hurstbourne Priors, Freefolk Priors and Litchfield Road are still waiting for their power to be connected.  And the FTTP build is very slow – [BT is] chasing Openreach for an update on expected completion dates.”

UPDATE 22/01/2013: From BT: “The 3 remaining FTTC cabs are still waiting for their power connections – we now estimate that 2 of the cabs will be released by the end of February, and the final one by the end of March.  FTTP deployment is also slower than expected, the weather and resources being needed for repair work have not helped.  In addition…Openreach have identified some joint user poles (i.e. poles shared with the local electricity company) and so are currently having to revise some of their plans.”

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  • Penny Turner

    Up the hill from HP, would love to hear we’re going to get cable eventually. Thought it might be quicker to train some pigeons!

  • Robin Gilchrist

    We cannot get it on Caesars Way/Lapwing Rise yet either!!
    This is typical BT achieve great National Advertising coverage from their promotion and then fail to deliver.

  • Nick SS

    I logged a call with Openreach to find out when we can expect fibre to the premises to be completed on Oakland Road.

    They have dug up the road from the BT manhole to the telephone poles for the fibre but not proceeded beyond that point of pulling the fibre through. (they would deliver the fibre via the telephone poles rather than a dig to each home)

    The update I had from Openreach today was the planner had advised that the current forecast is that it may be ready for service before the end of this year (2013) but they cant give an accurate time.

    So seems we have a lot longer to wait.

    • Luke

      Hi has there been any update to this as I am looking to move to Whitchurch and the address im looking at still says it does not support this on the BT website.

      Editor’s Note: Yes there have been several updates – see our list of articles HERE. There are some directors of BT coming to town this week to talk in person, so more news should be coming shortly. When checked yesterday, the town centre was still without the ability to order Infinity; but most other areas can.

  • Brian

    Here on the Madingley exchange (also a ‘Race to Infinity’ winner) all the infrastructure for the FTTP service is in place. Unfortunately BT will not release the final areas to end users because they don’t have enough engineers to do the installs! Situation not helped by the next door exchange (Caxton) also winning a slot. There, after initially being released for orders, the shutters have been pulled down and no new orders being taken until the backlog of installations has been cleared.
    So having spent two years getting everything ready, BT failed to predict that people would actually want to order!

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