Cllr Fitzgerald on the Town Council website

Whitchurch may require a by-election as one of its Town Councillors announced their resignation at this week’s full Council Meeting.
Councillor Michael Fitzgerald announced to the chamber that he will be resigning due to moving from the area. His present term of office began in May 2011 when he was elected for four years.

He will be sadly missed for much of the work he has undertaken on behalf of the town. Cllr Fitzgerald had also sat on the Development Committee which scrutinised local planning applications that affected Whitchurch and the surrounding area. This committee also oversees such issues as business development, street lighting, and parking. He also represented the Town Council on the Police Neighbourhood Panel.

After the Town Council closed and the Mayor had banged her gavel, Cllr Fitzgerald kindly invited all those present to share a drink of wine with him.

The town website team wishes him and his wife all the very best wishes for the future and thanks him for his local commitment to the town and people of Whitchurch.

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