Yesterday evening the Town Council Development Committee discussed the plans for a 17-turbine windfarm to the south of the Whitchurch.

A document setting out the plans for investigations prior to any submission of a planning application was under examination. Cllr Linda Thomas ran through the main points of the ‘Scoping document’ which raised such issues as visibility, potential noise, traffic, and construction.

Concerns were raised that the document had not identified how the power would be fed into the Grid with a possibility that it might require pylons from the windfarm across the town to a point north of Whitchurch.

Grave concern
The Committee expressed ‘grave concern’ on the scale and impact on Whitchurch and the environment, but would like further dialogue, and it was agreed that further local consultations would take place to gauge the opinion of Whitchurch residents.

The Council also agreed that it would keep Whitchurch residents informed of developments in respect of the Windfarm both on the Town Council website and here on the Town website.

While there are arguments on the efficiency and cost of such installations one Councillor pointed out that with the increasing requirement for power the alternative to wind generated energy might be a nuclear power station. “What is best?”

There are many who support such farms but it is clear the jury is still out.


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Further information
The plans of the area and copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Document are available for download from Basingstoke and Deane Planning Department, here: BDB/76274 Go to ‘Documents’.

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What are your thoughts?

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  • Mark Williams

    It is too early to give an informed opinion on the wind farm because there is no firm application. This consultation is about the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment, what should be included. Any discussion of the merits or otherwise will not be considered until the full planning application has been submitted.

    Eds note:
    The belief obtained from the Town Council Development meeting was that Whitchurch Town Councillors wish to encourage discussion in order to obtain a greater understanding of the issues involved. Comments can be added below.

  • climo

    There will be another windfarm at Woodmancott. I would imagine it would be more economic to route the power to there and on to the substation at Preston Candover.

    I doubt that any pylons would cross the town – too expensive and too much hassle from the local community.

  • Graham Burgess

    The sooner we get self dependent with power and food the better.Our high standard of living compared with most places in the world will mean that a key part of any production process , labour, will be cheaper elsewhere so our products will not sell.

    That condition with regards to power and heating will be aggravated if the Gulf Stream re-orientates.

    A local pullover factory could do well.

  • James Thorogood

    I have spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe and more interestingly flying across all of Europe. Wind Farms are everywhere. They are truly majestic and do not destroy views or damage landscapes. In a very strange way their sheer size and elegance adds to the scene.

    Knowing we are producing energy without the need to dig giant mines in the ground then burning the coal and polluting the air, or even worse creating stock piles of nuclear waste, not to mention potential nuclear disasters that decimate entire cities and pollute tens of thousands of square miles, I vote wind power, solar power or wave power every time.

    There is a strange sense of irony about it green energy as it is far from a new idea, we live in a Town that was built on Mills powered by water, so why not harness this again and pay testament to the Towns history? Mills for years where run on wind and water and finally after several decades the penny has dropped that in this case, the old ways where in fact better, and certainly a lot cleaner!

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